Nakagama's Bosch Kitchen Center!

Looking for our line up of kitchen equipment and Bosch machines?

Japanese Food & Grocery

Our staff with helpful, friendly advice can help you make a simple Japanese dish or a full course meal.

Please feel free to shop or simply browse through our store to experience a little part of Japan right here in Lethbridge.

Giftware & Rice Cookers

We carry a wide array of ceramic dishware, tea sets, sake sets as well as fans, dolls and chopstick sets.

We also have many novelty items like key chains, cell phone charms, and origami paper. Come in and browse our extensive line of Japanese themed giftware.


The NutriMill Family of grain mills offers everyone a fast easy and affordable way to mill your own grain and legumes into fresh nutritious flour. Pre-ground flour often pales in nutrition with essential oils removed to protect from rancidity and then often has artificial additives and preservatives inserted to imitate desired manufacturers characteristics.

Nakagama Bosch Kitchen Center

The Bosch kitchen machine can replace many of the appliances in your kitchen. The available added attachments can make it your mixer, blender, food processor, meat grinder and much more.
View more at Nakagama’s Bosch Online Store


Shopping from Calgary?

Nakagamas offers, by pre-order, our complete line of products with drop-off delivery to the Calgary Nikkei Centre!

Drop Off Dates

With the kind permission of the CJCA (Calgary Japanese Community Association), Nakagams has been bringing up a selection of products to the CJCA center on the last Wednesday of certain months from 11am to 3pm. All friends and customers are welcome to drop by.  

February 28, 2018

April 21, 2018 (SAKURA TEA)


August 11, 2018 (OMATSURI FESTIVAL)

October 31, 2018

December 5 or 8, 2018 TBD

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Orders may be placed with us via email or phone two days prior to our scheduled Calgary visits. Orders are subject to product availability and filled in order of their receipt. Please order early to give us the best chance to fill them and avoid disappointment. DELIVERY IS DEPENDENT ON PICKUP AT THE CENTER WITHIN THE SPECIFIED HOURS. Your special orders are particularly welcome! If you have a particular product please be sure to indicate quantity and you are not obligated to buy.  REMEMBER, THERE IS NEVER ANY OBLIGATION TO BUY AND WE GIVE 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION WITH A FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 


Loyalty Program

Membership is free and we start every new account with a signing bonus of 2500 points. Points earned are kept in the account forever unless there is no activity in the account for one year; then the account reverts to zero.

Learn More

To sign-up and join, we will assign a membership number placed by barcode on your membership card. With your permission, we can also access your account with your telephone number. You can then, either show your card or tell the clerk your phone number to earn points in your account. (In this way, you do not always have to show your card and anyone can assign their purchase to an account if they know the phone number.) Same household members for example, can then make separate visits and still earn points.

We will absolutely not call you or give this information to any other party for any reason whatsoever. (In the event, you do not wish us to use your phone number, the assigned 10 digit number is used but you will then need to have the card so it can be scanned to award points.) Effective Dec. 1, 2015, with each regular grocery purchase, the clerk will scan your membership card and points will be added to your account. A point is earned for every penny of purchase.

So a $10 purchase is worth 1000 points. As points accumulate, you earn higher levels of rank as designated by the color of belt on your card. Everyone starts with a white belt and can move up in rank to eventually be at the highest rank of black belt where the reward is greatest.

At each level, gift certificates are awarded to use as cash dollars for future purchases. Phone numbers are used only for the purpose of awarding points to your account.

Reward levels

  • White belt upon sign-up starting with a 2500 point starting bonus.
  • 25000 points earns a $5.00 certificate and a yellow belt.
  • 50000 points earns a $5.00 certificate and an orange belt.
  • 75000 points earns a $10.00 certificate and a green belt.
  • 100,000 points earns a $10.00 certificate and a blue belt.
  • 125,000 points earns a $10.00 certificate and a brown belt.
  • 150,000 points earns a $10.00 certificate and a black belt.

Every 25,000 points earned from this point on receives a $10.00 certificate.


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History of Nakagama’s

Ryutaro Nakagama started the business on 1st Avenue in 1947 serving mostly Japanese-Canadian citizens living in the surrounding area.  Over time however, we have been privileged to serve an ever growing customer base and now serve many customers from different ethnicities, backgrounds, tastes and lifestyles.
Come in to Nakagama’s and experience a little part of Japan right here in Lethbridge. Ken Nakagama

Owner, Nakagama's


Don't see what you're after?

Get ahold of us today and we might have just the thing for you!

Store Hours: (EFFECTIVE as of FEBRUARY 5, 2018)

  • Monday: 9 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Sunday & Holidays: closed