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We carry a variety of different dishes, sushi supplies, tea ceremony supplies, drink ware, dolls and more. For dishes we carry things such as bowls (rice, udon), sashimi (raw fish) dishes, nabe (hot pot cooker), trays (either lacquer or ceramic), and soy sauce dishes. All come in different shapes (round, square, rectangle), sizes, colours and designs. Besides the dishes and food we supply sushi molds, bamboo mats, sushi set: oke (flat bottom wooden tub) with a mat and three wooden rice paddles and other things for sushi supplies. For matcha tea or tea ceremony we supply tea bowls, bamboo tea whisks and tea ladles (spoons). We carry tea pots, tea cups, tea sets, sake sets, and coffee cups for drink ware. In our glass case we have many kinds of dolls from Kokeshi Ningyo dolls, clay dolls, maneki neko (good luck cats), and daruma dolls. Other items we have are books, pictures, furoshiki, cards, origami paper and more.

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