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Nori is part of the laver class of seaweeds. Sushi nori is a blend of various types of laver pressed together to make up the familiar sheets for making sushi rolls (maki sushi). The better blends have a darker color, better aroma and a softer quality to them. We carry sushi nori from Japan, graded from green to gold as well other less expensive brands from China and abroad.

Ajitsuke nori is a seasoned laver with soy sauce and sugar. This type of nori is often served rolled around a ball of rice (onigiri) and is a particular favorite of the Japanese for lunch. It is also often enjoyed right out of the package as a nutritious snack.


Konbu refers to the large family of seaweeds often referred in English as kelp. The plants are generally fairly large and many different types are found in Japanese cuisine.

Dashi konbu is a large flat rectangular shaped seaweed, usually boiled to make dashi (soup stock). Dashi is used not only for soup but is found in a large array of dishes with it being the primary ingredient in sauces, broth for cooking other vegetables and meats and an essential condiment. The master Japanese chef is a master in all the forms and uses of dashi in preparing a Japanese meal.

Wakame is another very popular form of kelp used in Japanese cooking. Often coming in small packages in a pre-cut form; it is often thrown into miso soup or reconstituted by soaking in water and used in a variety of dishes. A very popular use is in salads.

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