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Green Tea

Thought to be the oldest cultivated plant in the world, tea is enjoyed in every corner of the globe.  Green tea is the favored style in Japan with its delicate color, subtle aroma and flavor and is certainly more popular in Japan then the darker heavier and stronger tasting black tea styles.

We carry a large selection of types and grades to match our customers tastes and needs.  Starting with the ultimate grade of Shincha (first harvest tea) from Kagoshima prefecture; to Sencha (popular everyday tea); to Bancha (coarsest variety); to the ever popular Genmaicha (a blend with roasted wholegrain rice) and its signature roasted flavor.

Our tea comes in loose leaf style and pre-packed in tea bags for easy infusing.  Our very best teas only come in loose leaf since it is believed by many that to get the richest flavor and best quality drinking tea one needs to infuse the tea directly in water.  This allows the water to fully wash over the leaves bringing out all of its flavor and goodness.  Lower grade teas are usually infused only once since they become bitter after sitting over a time, while our very best quality Shincha can be infused up to three times without developing a bitter taste.  Each subsequent pot is a little weaker but the tea is still quite rich and flavorful.

Matcha is one of the most famous style of green teas used in Japan since it is the type used for the highly ritualistic tea ceremony.  The stone grinding of sencha gives one a highly concentrated tea powder used not only for straight drinking but for use in baking, the making of green tea ice cream and in the ever growing popularity of the smoothie.  It comes in several grades depending on the grade of Sencha used.

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