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Tuna Sashimi
Sushi is not Raw Fish but Sashimi is!!!

SASHIMI refers to raw fish in Japanese cuisine and since it is often served in many styles of SUSHI, it is a common misconception that sushi is raw fish.  Sushi is a separate cuisine unto itself and its’ base is primarily sweet vinegared rice.  The most common types of sashimi served in western Canada are albacore tuna and salmon.  Albacore is quite common in Pacific waters and is readily available at a relatively economical cost compared for example, to ahi - yellowfin tuna or blue fin tuna.  Salmon, both wild and farmed are also readily available and it too is often found served in the ever growing number of Japanese restaurants and stores.   Sashimi is sometimes served fresh out of the ocean (common in Japan) but in our opinion, it should be frozen for not less than 7 days and at a temperature of -4 F.  This follows a standard set by the FDA for a parasitic destruction guarantee.  There is also at times confusion over what constitutes sushi grade or sashimi grade fish.  This is understandable since there are no set guidelines that clearly defines the term, however, it is commonly accepted that it refers to only the very best quality of fish.  Our sashimi at Nakagamas is always within the -4F and 7 day minimum parameters.  As well, we strive to bring in only the very best seafood for our customer’s sashimi and sushi dishes.  One example is our ocean wild sockeye salmon caught by the Matsunaga family from Vancouver Island.  The salmon is caught, dressed and frozen on the same day of catch!  It is not uncommon for sockeye salmon to be kept on ice for the fresh fish market for a few days and then frozen later if inventory supplies are too large.  When salmon is handled in this manner it allows for a softening of the meat and degradation of the fish as a whole.  Along with tuna and salmon, we carry many other types of seafood for your table.  Shrimp (wild and farmed), cooked and raw octopus, scallops (Japan sashimi grade), fish roe (masago, tobiko, salmon), crab sticks and broiled eel.  Most of our sashimi is cut on site and vacuumed sealed for table ready serving.

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