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Maneki Neko
Story of the Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat)

From olden times, many things have been said about the tradition of Japan's famous Maneki Neko (or "Beckoning Cat") found displayed in the entrance of just about every home, evey store, or shop front in order to invite better fortune, more customers and greater business prosperity. The ornamental Maneki Neko can be called the favorite mascot of the people of Japan.

The three most highly prized Maneki Neko are the WHITE ones to invite good luck; the BLACK ones to invite good health and defent against illness or disease; and the GOLD ones said to open the way to prosperity. A Maneki Neko with it's paw raised is said to be beckoning customers, money, prosperity, and good fortune, and in the case of the black ones good health.

Here at Nakagama's we carry a wide variety of Maneki Neko and customers have a choice from the traditional design as shown in our picture to more stylized versions. They can range in size from about 2 inches tall to more than 14 inches in height. The smaller ones come in separate colors of white, black and gold and can be fairly plump to slender in design. They make ideal gifts for anyone wanting to bestow good luck, health and prosperity.

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