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Healthy Brown Rice

Currently the fastest growing segment in rice sales in North America is brown rice driven by consumer awareness of the healthy benefits of eating brown rice versus white rice.  The most nutritious rice we sell is called regular brown rice here at Nakagamas but one issue is its’ longer preparation and cooking time.  As a result, two products that we carry are becoming increasingly popular. 

Haiga Mai is specially milled rice that preserves the rice germ in the rice.  You still have the convenience of cooking it like white rice but because it retains the rice germ, most of the Vitamin E, B1, B6 and the GABA protein (gammar amino butyric acid) is still present. This makes it more nutritious yet still similar to typical Japanese style medium grain white rice.

Sukoyaka Genmai or quick cook brown rice is another product that is quickly growing in popularity. It too goes through a special milling process that removes some of the fiber from the grains.  The rice cooks just as easily as white rice but it retains much of nutritive value of brown rice with twice the fiber, potassium, vitamin B and E that one finds in its’ white rice counterpart.  Since it is a closer cousin to brown rice the rice will be more characteristic of brown rice with a slightly chewier and nuttier taste than white rice.

Come in and ask to see these two nutritious alternatives to white rice; perfect choices for your healthy life style.


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