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Newsletter Stories

Below are expanded stories featured in our newsletter

Sushi Is not Raw Fish

Sushi is perhaps the most recognized type of Japanese cuisine and often misunderstood by those new to Japanese food. SUSHI IS NOT RAW FISH but sweet vinegared rice served with a vast array of foods. Often served with raw fish or other seemingly exotic ingredients, it... More Information

Sushi is not Raw Fish but Sashimi is!!!

SASHIMI refers to raw fish in Japanese cuisine and since it is often served in many styles of SUSHI, it is a common misconception that sushi is raw fish.  Sushi is a separate cuisine unto itself and its’ base is primarily... More Information


Miso is a classic and iconic food for the Japanese. Miso soup is simple to make and a staple in Japanese cuisine. Please stop in our store for a simple recipe on how to prepare your own miso soup. There are many types of miso but to keep it simple, they are two basic... More Information

Nori (Laver)

Perhaps the most famous seaweed product from Japan is nori (laver) with most people recognizing it as the wrap for many forms of sushi. ... More Information

Green Tea

Thought to be the oldest cultivated plant in the world, tea is enjoyed in every corner of the globe.  Green tea is the favored style in Japan with its delicate color and subtle aroma.  
We carry a large selection of types and grades to match our customers... More Information

Healthy Brown Rice

Currently the fastest growing segment in rice sales in North America is brown rice driven by consumer awareness of the healthy benefits of eating brown rice versus white rice.  The most nutritious rice we sell is called regular brown rice here... More Information

Salad Time

A light and refreshing Japanese salad is sunomono. There are many variations to our recipe is a basic cucumber salad with a mild vinaigrette using Japanese rice vinegar and sugar. The recipe shows mirin being an option but mirin gives the salad the distinct sweet flavor unique to Japanese cuisine... More Information

Dashi - Soup Stock

Dashi has been said to be the cornerstone of Japanese cooking and is possibly the most used ingredient in Japanese cooking. Beyond simply being stock for soup (miso soup for example), it also used to simmer vegetable, meat and fish and is the basis for many sauces like sukiyaki and tempura sauce.... More Information

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