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Japanese Folklore

This Section contains stories about Japanese folklore

Story of the Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat)

From olden times, many things have been said about the tradition of Japan's famous Maneki Neko (or "Beckoning Cat") found displayed in the entrance of just about every home, evey store, or shop front in order to invite better fortune, more customers and greater... More Information

Story of the Crane (Tsuru)

There is an old saying in Japan that a crane lives for 100 years and the turtle for 1000 years and so these two creatures are iconic symbols in Japanese culture representing longevity. Of course they don't live anywhere near... More Information

Story of the Kaeru (Frog)

The cute little bobble head frog that we have pictured is a product that we sell here in our store. Some of our customers have bought it to be given to friends who are about to embark on a journey. The frog is a symbol of homecoming in Japan because its name, kaeru,... More Information

Story of the Kokeshi Ningyo (Wooden Dolls)

Kokeshi dolls were said to have originated in northern Japan in the 1600's and are recognized as one of the traditional folk arts of Japan. The stylized, handmade wooden dolls have become a favorite collectible with many people around the world and they share a common... More Information

Story of the Dragonfly

Pictured is the iconic dragonfly etched in the dish. Dragonflies were revered by the Japanese Samurai as symbols of agility and power. This is because the dragonfly can move effortlessly in all six directions, forward, backward, sideways, up or down and can even hover.... More Information

Story of the Daruma Doll

In Japanese culture they are a good luck talisman and believed to help its owner in accomplishing a specific goal or task. They are regarded as symbols of perseverance and good fortune and often associated with the phrase "nankorobi yaoki". The literal translation... More Information

The Owl

Our cute little owl pictured here is a sign of good luck for the Japanese.  The word for owl is “fukuro” and since the Japanese are so fond of wordplay, many often attribute the owl as a symbol of good luck since “fuku” is the... More Information


Omatsuri is the Japanese word for festival or holiday and these events occur throughout the year in Japan. There is a common saying that no matter when, one can always find an Omatsuri somewhere in Japan. They can be secular or have religious meaning and usually celbrate... More Information


The teapot pictured here shows the often used symbol of a bamboo tree. Bamboo is revered among most Asian cultures and Japan is no exception. Bamboo is a long livign plant so it is often regarded as a symbol of long life. Its' most notable feature however, is that it can often withstand the strongest... More Information

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