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We carry a wide array of ceramic dishware, tea sets, sake sets as well as fans, dolls and chopstick sets.

We also have many novelty items like key chains, cell phone charms, and origami paper. Come in and browse our extensive line of Japanese themed giftware.

Rice Cookers

We carry standard Panasonic rice cookers in 3, 5 and 10 cups. It has a keep warm feature, with a removable lid. They are an ideal choice for most North American households.

Our electronic line of Panasonic rice cookers have an extended keep warm feature of up to 12 hours. Currently they come in 5 and 10 cup sizes.With the attached lid, it allows the heat and moisture to stay in the chamber and holds the temperature of the rice at a constant ready to serve setting.  This style of cooker is what you would find in many Asian homes where rice is a staple dish eaten at all meals.

There are also other styles of rice cookers with advanced features for brown rice, okayu (rice porridge), sushi rice, cake making, slow cooker functions, quick cook features and a host of other enhancements.

Come in and find the rice cooker best suited for your needs.

Sushi Sets

We supply all kinds of sushi sets in different colours, shapes, sizes and designs. There are gift box sets and open stock items giving you the ability to mix and match.  Our lines, with only a few exceptions, are all manufactured in Japan and are of the highest quality ceramic ware.


We carry a variety of different dishes, sushi supplies, tea ceremony supplies, drink ware, dolls and more. For dishes we carry things such as bowls (rice, udon), sashimi (raw fish) dishes, nabe (hot pot cooker), trays (either lacquer or ceramic), and soy sauce dishes. All come in different shapes (round, square, rectangle), sizes, colours and designs. Besides the dishes and food we supply sushi molds, bamboo mats, sushi set: oke (flat bottom wooden tub) with a mat and three wooden rice paddles and other things for sushi supplies. For matcha tea or tea ceremony we supply tea bowls, bamboo tea whisks and tea ladles (spoons). We carry tea pots, tea cups, tea sets, sake sets, and coffee cups for drink ware. In our glass case we have many kinds of dolls from Kokeshi Ningyo dolls, clay dolls, maneki neko (good luck cats), and daruma dolls. Other items we have are books, pictures, furoshiki, cards, origami paper and more.


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